Frida in critical condition.

Frida in critical condition.
That Frida is alive is a miracle. Months ago we received a call of a dog that was roaming the streets of Seville in unfortunate conditions. It was a hard work and yesterday after several weeks tracking her down, they rescued her and she finally came to us. We cannot explain the sadness that Frida reflects in her eyes… We were struck by the fact that Frida can barely breathe and she has purulence in her thoracic cavity and this makes it difficult for her to breathe normally. She needs oxygen therapy, drainage every 24 hours, and continuous monitoring. We are sorry to see her in this condition. She only has appetite after the removal of the fluid, which is when she feels most relieved, and the rest of the time she lies very reluctantly waiting for some improvement. We are waiting for the first results, but her diagnosis is not even definitive, since the lack of oxygen that she presents makes it impossible to carry out more tests …
We will do everything possible to change her destiny and fight to convert that look sad in a look of hope. Now Frida, she needs you more than ever.

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