Happiness in 3 … 2..1 …

Yesterday 64 dogs left for their new homes that today, at this time, already should be happy in their new homes !! This time, their destinations have been France and Germany, and we know that they will have a wonderful life with their families. We say goodbye to our precious Sola, little Cassandra and the lovely Mai among others. We hope that the families will diligently continue the work that we began with each of them. Nothing will reward us more than seeing them finally being as happy as they deserve!
The architects of this? Levriers sans frontieres, Galgorettung Fränkisches Seenland e.V., Galgovermittlung e.V., Hundehilfe über Grenzen and La Voix des Lévriers who work tirelessly to find homes for our furry dogs. THANK YOU they will have a dream life!🥰

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