I want a perfect sighthound.

The image speaks for itself, a terrified animal in a corner with its head down and not a single iota of confidence towards the human being. But surely they have never laid a hand on him.
Her name is Marila although she does not know it, it is just a grotesque sound used by humans and like almost everything that comes from them causes her great fear.
As a specialist in behavior modification, you cannot consider a more bleak scenario than an animal in this condition, the guild mates know it as sensory deprivation syndrome or kennel syndrome.
And it’s fucking, one of the worse.
Any friendly or natural gesture only reinforces her aversion to the human, her prognosis depending on the phase she is in is usually complicated and working in an environment such as a refuge, an exhausting task.
It takes a long time to start seeing positive progress and you also need total control of all changes or situations in your day to day.
A caress, a sound out of time and all your advances of weeks can be lost.
Our automatism before animals that present this behavioral pathology is to support them, touch them and tell them that everything will be fine. That is not going to reassure her, she does not know you and your hand in short is the worst thing that can happen to her in the day.
Like I said before, a fucking problem.
Her fear is a friend, perhaps the only one she has until today.
A friend who has helped her survive in this jungle we call civilization.
This is my day to day.
We transmit other images and stories on our page, but this is the other side of the coin and the one that is closest to us, the one that hurts when passing cage by cage. It is not nice.
The work of a rescued animal does not end when it is rescued, just begins. Although everything seems solved, it is not.
You have to equip him with the tools so that he can overcome the daunting task of integrating into a family.
Because this is not about finding the perfect dog, its about you being the perfect family for him.
It requires commitment, dedication and above all empathy.
It will be difficult, you won’t understand anything … Neither will he.
He does not consider you his savior, but his captor.
And if you are able to understand it, you will be on the right track.
Do not look for the perfect dog, but one that you are capable of taking care of.
Text: Alberto Piña, FBM.
Photo: Corné Duijvelaar, FBM.

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