Julio’s sadness breaks our hearts

Julio’s story is like that of thousands and thousands of dogs … For a long time he lived in an abandoned farm with the only company of Marta, his faithful companion. They were inseparable, and the fruit of their love, Martita was born. They were rescued and taken to a residence where they did their best to find adoption for them. Only little Martita was lucky, and Papa Julio and Mama Marta ran out of time at that residence, so they came to FBM. For weeks they were looking for little Marta, but at least they had each other to console themselves … However, just a week ago, mother Marta has also been lucky enough to be adopted and now Julio, without Marta and without Martita , he is completely desolate … His gaze has changed. He spends hours inside the cage and even don’t peeks outside and is very depressed. It breaks our hearts to see him like this … Because besides, Julio is a lovely dog. Don’t be fooled by his tough boy appearance, Julio needs a lot, a lot of love and a family that will make him forget his sad past …
Would you give Julio a chance?
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