If you are one of those who thinks that helping an animal is demanding a protector to pick it up and help.
If you are one of those who excuse themselves that they cannot do more.
If you are one of those who even pick them up and bring them here, skipping all the protocol and waiting list, and even threatening that if we do not accept it, you will abandon it on the street again, (same modus technique as the galgueros) let us tell you that you you’re not an animalist…
And if on top of that, you are unable to accept the criticism of a normalized reality and excuse yourself over and over again, do not continue reading…
A few days ago we received more than 200 messages to rescue Alai from the streets, the dog that was sleeping on the street in an area full of rubbish… People not only from Seville. People from all over Spain and Europe sent us messages to take care of her…
And we were overwhelmed by her, but still, we took care of her.
Let us tell you that when we say NO, it is not because we do not want to take care of the animal, it is because we have enough reasons to say enough.
We do not have a single subsidy and today, we do not even have physical space in our center.
The center is what it is. The cages are what they are, and the capacity per cage should not be exceeded for the safety of our dogs. Even so, we exceed the capacity by two and up to three more dogs per cage, with the sole purpose of helping as many as possible. To save them from a miserable life. To find them and provide them with a new life. Living in fear that the new dog that arrives will be accepted by the group and fights will not arise between them. Fights, which sometimes end with the life of a greyhound. From that greyhound that you have brought to our center knowing that we are overwhelmed and you have “forced” us to pick up. Because yes, let’s be honest, there is also a dark side. This also happens in a shelter. And it’s even more likely to happen when we break these safety rules out of necessity and obligation to help and help and help…
And you leave our center happy thinking that you have done a good job by leaving the animal with us. But then you are not even able to donate a measly euro to help just a little with the expenses of that one animal that you were supposed to take care of. Because of course, we are a protector, it is our duty… right?
Only 4 people of those more than 200 who wrote desperately for us to help Alai have made a donation to help us.
If those 200 people had donated just €1 to us, we would have covered a large part of their initial expenses…
But it doesn’t matter, that’s what the protector is already in charge of, that’s what it’s for, to help the animals… And dare to say no, then “what a piece of shit for a protector”…
Saving an animal is everyone’s commitment. And if we all committed ourselves equally, everything would be much easier.
We have the tools, but we don’t have all the means…
If you can’t adopt, foster.
If you can’t host, sponsor.
If you can’t sponsor, become a volunteer.
If you can’t volunteer, donate.
If you can’t donate, spread the word.
Help us continue our work.
Help us continue saving lives.

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