Our Lucho is getting better by the day! Our veterinarians tell us that although he still has a low hematocrit level and some anemia, in everything else (which is not little) he has improved a lot!
We tell you his progress:
The level of his platelets is already close to normal,
The conjunctivitis has been completely cured,
The abscesses on his paws are healing and they already look much better,
His skin is more hydrated and hair begins to grow,
Has gained more weight
And the best…
It is very very animated !!! ☺️
We suppose that the pampering session that has taken place today on our part has had a lot of influence. We have seen him confident, more affectionate and it also seems to us that he has given us a huge smile 😄
He already know that is in the best hands!
I wish you were as lucky as we are to meet him, because we assure you that he is a vey lovely boy 😍
He deserves all the best, and here we are to give him all the love he deserves and find him the best of families! 🥰
Would you like to help this lovely boy recover?

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