On the last day of the year it is time to take stock of everything lived in this 2020 …

And because it is a special day, you are going to allow me to get a little out of line.
Today as usual, I am not going to talk about our dogs, but about the other side of FBM, the workers.
Today I am leaving my usual role and I pay tribute to my colleagues for having done the impossible in this difficult year.
For fighting to save and recover more dogs every day, for overcoming the thousands of obstacles that have arisen throughout the year. For being partners, friends and for being a team. For never giving up. Because each one of you has an essential role so that everything works, and because the BENJAMÍN MEHNERT FOUNDATION ARE YOU .
By Rocío, Alberto, Pedro, Jara, Mariana, Silvia, Fani, Chica, Merchi, Natasja, Corné, Fernando, Mamen, Espe, Pepe, Antonio, Jose María, Mohammed, Natalia, Manuel, Zeus, Laura, Alvaro, Fran and Ana.
Hopefully we can share many more years together.
Long live FBM!

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