How unfair…
It´s said that sometimes time is not measured by the hours, but by the intensity of the moment.
He was with us for just two days, but they were two days of fighting together without rest.
We relieved your pain when you arrived. We gave you all our care, the first caresses… We had given you a name. You were one of our family. And yes, in just two days we loved you, and we wanted to see you recovered.
Our companions stood guard so as not to leave you for a moment alone and unattended.
We were fighting with you.
But yesterday, Sunday, everything got complicated and we had to have an emergency operation…
It was a long and complicated surgery, and you managed to get through it. But when we finally breathed calmly thinking that you had achieved it, while you slept still due to the effect of anesthesia, your heart decided to rest…
We knew we needed a miracle, but we never gave up hope…
And now, we only have sadness, anger, and a huge void that we will never be able to fill or replace.
Because for us you were not just another greyhound.
You were the hope of all those who are to come.
The hope of our entire team that fights every day against this injustice and goes out of its way to recover you and give you the life you always deserved.
Up there, wherever you are, guide us and give us strength for what is coming our way…
You have left, cared, respected, and loved.
We hope you have been happy at least during these two days with us.
Rest in peace little boy 🖤
Now you are one more little star in our sky…

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