How lucky we are 🥰
Our economic situation is critical. A few weeks ago, the call for help was desperate. And there were many of you, associations and individuals, who decided to collaborate with us by sending us donations with which we have paid a large part of our debt.
However, your help went further, and we have continued to receive donations with which we will face the latest emergencies and the extreme situation that we currently have, far exceeding the maximum recommended capacity in our facilities.
None of this would be possible without your incredible help.
How many greyhounds saved thanks to the joint effort.
How lucky to have your unconditional support, always. ❤
THANKS to: Galgo Save Belgium Galgorettung Fränkisches Seenland e.V. Insieme per FBM Odv Fondation Galgos Rescue Galgos Podencos Mastins Balades asbl Hundehilfe über Grenzen All4dogs TSV Esperanza del Galgo eV, North Pole Foundation, Black and White Auction, Michelle Sanchez , Christina Enders, Jana and Liliana, Nataly, Monica, Carmen, and Alex.

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