The sad story of Benita …

One of our volunteers brought us Benita a few days ago and the story behind her break our hearts. She had an accident that resulted in a hip dislocation. For her galguero it was no longer useful and he wanted to get rid of her. However, this little dog is so good that her galguero thought that he could still benefit from her if he used her for breeding. Even with her hip bone out and in excruciating pain, Benita was forced to give birth and shortly after, to be separated from her puppies. Its usefulness ended for its galguero, and that’s when she came to us. Benita also had an infectious disease for which she had to be isolated for a few days, and thanks to our care, she has already managed to overcome it! But now there is still the surgery on her hip… She is extremely sociable and affectionate, she has made us all fall in love !! 😍 And we will do everything possible to make her forget her difficult past. Will you help us with Benita’s recovery? Colaborate with us,

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