Hello, my name is Máx and my story is like that of thousands and thousands of greyhounds…
My galguero wanted to get rid of me because he was no good at hunting and a good girl came to rescue me and took me to the Benjamín Mehnert Foundation. There they have taken great care of me, and they have also worked hard to find a good family for me. TSV Esperanza del Galgo e.V got it, and Friday was the appointed day. I embarked on the journey of my life with my friend Monzon who had been in the shelter for almost a year, and together we arrived in Germany where our new families welcomed us with open arms!! Also to help the foundation and all the friends that I leave there, TSV Esperanza del Galgo e.V has made an incredible donation to the foundation!!!
I am starting to get to know and enjoy the good life and I have sent my friends and caregivers from the foundation the first photos they took of me when I arrived in Germany and my first happy photos at home!!
I hope my friend Monzon is as happy as I am…

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