Until next time friends!

Many of you already know them. Jörg Heyer and Sabine Heyer always have us in their thoughts and have returned like every year to help us with the thousands of tasks we have at the shelter. They have a gold heart, and they don´t cared to come on a very special date for them: their silver wedding anniversary! They have wanted to spend this anniversary with us and our dogs. While Jörg and his friend Ulrich have been doing maintenance and cleaning, Sabine has been photographing and posting many of our greyhounds to find them families! In addition, they have brought us all the latest donations collected by their Facebook group Galgoland – FBM – Colaboración and they have filled the corredor with piles of boxes of medicines, surgical supplies, blankets, and some of the first gifts on our wish list!

Dear friends, here you always have your home. Come back soon because we already miss you …
Thanks to all Galgoland collaborators because once again, you make it possible that we can continue saving lives!

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