Virgilio’s new life

Virgilio was wandering the streets of a town in Cádiz. He ate from the food he found in the cat colonies, and slept behind an old mattress behind the garbage cans. Day by day this was his life, until Carmen crossed his path and set out to rescue him. He began to make him a meal routine, and little by little he got closer and closer to her. He felt more confident when she walked her dogs, so they used them to make him enter the courtyard of a neighbor of the town who also had another very sociable dog. And so, overnight this dog’s life changed. Now he is part of our family. You will no longer have to search for food on the streets to survive, or sleep next to garbage containers. Now, we will look for a family that will give you the richest sweets and will put you in a warm bed where you dream happily and forget the cold and hard nights on the street.
Welcome home!
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