When reality is stranger than fiction …

As if it were a horror movie, little Lola has already lived through terrible moments in her short life …
She lived with the corpse of her parents in an abandoned lot.
We don’t know how long she had been there, or how long her parents had been dead, but imagine for a moment the bewilderment and sadness of this little galga …
Some children found her and took her to a park with them where a woman finally rescued and cared for her at home. But … Something was wrong. Lola had something strange on her paws …
Due to a bad nutrition and care along their growth, their front legs have been growing in poor condition, slightly deformed.
The woman who rescued her also went to where they had found her and discovered two more greyhounds abandoned there, which of course they could not leave behind … They asked us for help, and we could not refuse.
It seems that the deformity of Lola’s paws can be fixed with a good diet, sunshine and lots of love, so we quickly look for a family that fostered her in and that will probably be her definitive family!
Now we will look for a family also for Tessa and for Vigo.
Welcome home guys!
If you are interested in ADOPTING Tessa or Vigo: fill out and send the adoption form on our website ⬇️⬇️
• You also help us SHARING 🙂

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