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His last wish… Gori had an owner who loved her above all else. With few resources, he did whatever he could to make sure Gori lacked for nothing. His situation worsened to the point of losing his home, and as an alternative he was offered to stay in a shelter, but they would not allow … Read more

Solidarity and heart go hand in hand They are Vanessa and Jenny. Jenny is a physiotherapist, and Vanessa is a veterinary assistant and together they make the perfect tandem! They have spent a week with us helping us with our chores, and also helping our dogs, especially Lunita and Amparo, with whom they have done … Read more

We continue the marathon… Eighth day of spaying and neutering! There are already 80 dogs that we have been able to spay/neuter thanks to you! Thanks a million for your help, especially to: Silke Z. , Birgit B. , Herbet N. , Theopisti T. , Susan P. , Sandra G. , Annekathrin F. , Tatjana … Read more

Pepita Update Luckily, everything went well. But you didn’t think that everything was easy… During the surgery he suffered a considerable haemorrhage and we had to give him an urgent blood transfusion as well… It was a huge tumour in his spleen that weighed no more and no less than 3 kilos, and almost the … Read more

Mission friends forever They have been for years now. Our friends at Hill’s Pet Nutrition have have donated 812 kilos of food for our kids thanks to the #friendsforever campaign launched last April. Two types of food: special diet for our Hospital guys and Science Plan for the rest. Made with easily digestible ingredients, antioxidants … Read more

FANDANGO UPDATE Fandando is the greyhound who arrived on Monday with problems in his leg. He had a bad prognosis, and indeed our veterinarians have confirmed this after the first X-rays. His knee is completely destroyed (you can see his x-ray) and there is nothing we can do to try to save it… Our traumatologist … Read more

Brunita had begun to walk the path to the rainbow bridge… Her eyes were gone Her weak little body could hardly take it anymore, but for a moment she leaned into our hand grateful for our caresses. For all the caresses we have given her since she arrived. And she was grateful once again for … Read more

We have a new guy in the office. He has just arrived, but unfortunately it seems that something is wrong with his leg… Our colleague Álvaro is carrying out the regulatory check-up and the necessary tests to determine what problem he has. He doesn’t look good at all… We will inform you soon. Help us … Read more

Growing up happy Alana arrived at our center with her 4 babies a few days ago. The babies are growing super fast, healthy, and most importantly, happy. They don’t stop playing with each other and mom Alana is a súper mum! We have been with them and they have given us these precious moments that … Read more

Passport to Happiness They do not know what awaits them… Farewells to those of us who have been his caregivers, from his home for months, a road trip, and another longer trip… The passport ready to embark on the trip of their lives. A ticket to happiness. A long journey that will take them straight … Read more

The Stars of FBM How many of you weren’t looking forward to seeing this post? Are here!! All our Little Stars and our Star. The precious mother and the precious puppies that you saw being born and growing. We shared their evolution week by week and now they send us photos of their new lives … Read more

Cocoro’s new life There are only a few days difference between the first photo and the rest… The change has been spectacular: from not leaving his bed and remaining motionless most of the time, to running happily through the meadows and sleeping soundly and carefree in his new home. It doesn’t even look the same … Read more

ODDIE FOUND HIS FAMILY!! More than a year and a half with us and despite being wonderful, it was always invisible no matter how much we had spread him. We never lost hope, and a few days ago we tried again by posting a video that many of you have shared and that has led … Read more

-FBM: Let’s go, we have to go out to the patio to stretch our legs! -Lazy Greyhound: But today is vacation Friday! Let me sleep a little more!! -FBM: Okay, just a little while more… And like this, begins another day at FBM…

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